Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative (VTCPI) Application Form

Applicant Information
Veterans Treatment Court Planning Coordinator
This person will be the primary contact with Justice For Vets to ensure the timely correspondence of logistical, administrative and programmatic information in preparation for the VTCPI Training. This person is preferably one of the ten individuals who would attend the training.
Geographic and Demographic Information
If your answer is NO – how many miles away is it?
If your answer is NO – how many miles away is it?
Veteran Data Collection
Describe the Veteran offender population in your community by:
Ask the VJO and check with your Vet Centers.
Ask the VJO and check with your Vet Centers.
Statement of intent
All interested communities must provide responses to the following questions. Narrative responses are limited to 150 words. The review panel will assess the responses to each question and determine the ability of VTCPI to meet your community’s needs.
(Things to consider – what is the prevalence of veterans in your local criminal justice system? What are you currently doing to meet the needs of them? Maximum 150 words)
Team information
All interested communities must provide the name and contact information of each team member to ensure the planning team is comprised of the necessary individuals. Please enter the contact information for each team member below. Please note - The disciplines listed are required to participate:
Court Coordinator
Prosecuting Attorney
Defense Attorney
Treatment Provider
Community Supervision
(i.e., Pre-trial Services, Probation, Parole)
Law Enforcement
(Law enforcement does not include jail or prison correctional officers, but instead police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and their equivalent from your local jurisdiction.)
Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) Specialist
(The VJO Specialist is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs employee usually located in the VA Medical Center that services your area. He/She is tasked with providing VA medical services to Justice-involved Veterans. To find a listing of VJOs, go to
Veterans Mentor Coordinator
(The Veterans Mentor Coordinator is the lead individual for your Volunteer Mentor Program. Mentors provide emotional support for Veteran clients and provide assistance in receiving government and private organization benefits and services. The individual serving as coordinator should not fill any other role on the team listed in this application.)